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Functions of Balancing Machines
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Functions of Balancing Machines
TOP Causes of Vibration In Pursuit of Good Balance What is a balancing machine? Vibration Measurement Technology
What is a balancing machine?

A balancing machine measures rotational vibration that occurs when a part spins, and detects the position where the mass is the greatest (or the least) and its amount. This measuring machine determines whether a rotating body passes or fails a test of good balance (balance while rotating) by further analyzing the measurement data it obtained.

Now we would like to introduce an example of a dynamic tire balancer.
Tires are extremely difficult to manufacture identically, as they must undergo a complicated manufacturing process that often results in uneven weight distribution.

The solution to this lies in measuring and analyzing vibrations that are invisible to the naked eye while spinning the tires and then further measuring what degree of balance is being achieved.

Measuring/analyzing subtle vibrations

The heaviest section detected during balance measurement is marked, and the weight balance of the tires is adjusted by lining up the marked section and the lightest section of the wheel or another such means when mounting the tire and the wheel.

Marking the heaviest section based on measurement/analysis results
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