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Acquisition of Quality management system ISO 9001 cretification in Head factoty, 2nd factoty, and 3rd factoty, and Nagoya Office, and Osaka Office.
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Products for the Automotive Industry
More than 100 parts in an automobile require periodic balancing and straightening. These items, including motors, shafts and tires, make up the majority of products tested by Kokusai equipment. The company’s dynamic tire balancer, for which product development began in 1987, now holds the top global market share.
Kokusai also develops various types of measurement and correction equipment for the automotive industry. These products have gained the top market share in Japan and high customer satisfaction ratings by enabling customers to achieve drastic cost reductions with their shaft straightening machines.
  Windshield wipers, power windows, power locks, air conditioners, audio motors, ABS, power seats, side mirrors, fuel pumps, etc.
Wheel System Parts
Balancing machines
Crankshafts, conrods, flywheels, damper pulleys, alternators, starters, cooling fans, turbo chargers, etc.
Shaft straightening machines
Crankshafts, camshafts, valve rocker arm shafts, cylinder head bolts, shift fork shafts, etc.
Power Transmission System Parts
Balancing machines
Clutch plates, torque converters, driveshafts, torque converter rotors, etc.
Shaft straightening machines
Main shafts, counter gear shafts, input shafts, differential cases, propeller shafts, axle shafts, rack gears, pinion shafts, CVT pulleys, etc.
Gear alignment testers
Transmission gears, cross joint gears, differential gears, etc.
Wheel System Parts
Balancing machines
Tires, tire and wheel assemblies, brake drums, brake disks, wheel rims, etc.
Uniformity machines
Tires, tire and wheel assemblies
Runout measuring machines
Tires, wheel rims
Home Appliances
The pursuit of a safe, affluent lifestyle began with the popularization of major appliances as essential products for daily life. Household appliances are evolving to meet ever-diversifying needs, such as quiet operation and advanced functionality, but such products still operate by means of motors. Kokusai supports your daily life by providing measuring equipment for those motors.
Office Equipment
In the information society, both quality and speed are in demand. Speedy yet accurate is becoming a standard requirement in all areas of office work. Accurate measurement technology supports product commercialization, even for office equipment, which is evolving to enable faster and faster work. We help create office environments that enable you to work with peace of mind.
Digital Equipment
The Internet has dramatically changed people’s lives. The popularization of digital devices, primarily PCs and similar devices, has enabled users to get the information they want when they want it. We believe the development, manufacture, and sale of high-precision measuring machines is an infrastructure industry supporting the creation of safe products, even in the field of digital devices.
Earthquake Research Products
In Japan, one of the most earthquake prone nations in the world, it is extremely important to build earthquake disaster prevention systems, and reinforce foundations to avert disasters caused by earthquakes. The collection and transmission of highly accurate earthquake data whenever an earthquake occurs is absolutely essential, because it is an effective means of preventing secondary disasters. We developed the KGS series of seismometers by harnessing our vibration measurement technology. Our multifunctional seismometers can be used either as a vibrometer or a monitoring instrument.
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