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Functions of Balancing Machines
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Functions of Balancing Machines
TOP Causes of Vibration In Pursuit of Good Balance What is a balancing machine? Vibration Measurement Technology
In Pursuit of Good Balance

Amid demand for improved functionality and environmentally minded energy conservation, noise and vibration-free operation is being pursued as an ideal for all manner of products that have motors.

Machining accuracy is improving and size/weight reduction is advancing for the parts that make up products, while at the same time speeds are being increased in order to maintain the required power or capacity at a smaller size. Size/weight reduction and accelerated speed, however, are the greatest causes of vibration and noise.

To reduce the generation of vibration and noise requires improved machining accuracy for parts, and needless to say, the uncompromising pursuit of good balance. The machines that are used to measure proper balance are balancing machines.

Development Trend for Motorized Products
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