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Acquisition of Quality management system ISO 9001 cretification in Head factoty, 2nd factoty, and 3rd factoty, and Nagoya Office, and Osaka Office.
Message from the President
The Challenge Chases the Chance !

Thank you for your visiting Kokusai website.

Kokusai Co., Ltd. is the manufacture of the specialized testing and measurement machine which are based on expertise technology of vibrating measurement.

Since our firm foundation in 1969 we have endeavored to develop our unique and original technology to respond to our customers’ demands and requirements which are higher safety, excellent performance, lower cost & etc.

At the initial time, we started to develop the dynamic balancing machine for miniature motor of electric devises, and enlarged the customers in the fields of information transferable communication apparatus, automotive vehicles and its parts, automotive tires and etc.

In the next fiscal year we will have 50th year anniversary since foundation, we are convinced that we have formed a certain base as the “ Technology Development Firm” .

Forward to next 50 years, we will make forms of each innovative technological ideas of the customers’ into the specific testing machines as the “Technology Innovative Firm”.

As we have focused on the expected testing machines, the types of vibrating machines by electric servo-motors as the power source which have been steadily developed since 10 years ago have had much results and are highly reputed by our customers.

In addition, we have developed and formed the brand-new model first introduced into the world, “3 axis simultaneous Electro-Dynamic vibrating testing machine” that is practical applied (including lots of intelligent patents) by the technologies of electric-servo motor vibrating machines.

We further continue not only to research and develop our vibrating measurement technology as the expertise but also to endeavor to contribute to our customers for their advantage of improvement of QA, technical innovation and reliabilities.

We hope you to support and suggest our activities from now on ,too.

CEOShigeru Matsumoto
PresidentHiroshi Matsumoto
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