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Tire-Related Test Equipment for Production Lines
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Acquisition of Quality management system ISO 9001 cretification in Head factoty, 2nd factoty, and 3rd factoty.
Standard Balancing Machines
The BM, ABM, and FABM series of balancing machines, created using Kokusai’s balancing technology and know how accumulated over many years, are used to measure the balance of a wide variety of rotators. We have an established track record of furnishing these machines to customers both in Japan and abroad.
Generators, turbines,
fans, and rolls
turbocharger rotors,
flywheels, clutch plates,
brake discs, engine parts,
shafts, etc.
alternators, fuel pumps,
air conditioners, wipers,
power windows, ABS, etc.
Cooling fans,
hard disks,
polygon mirror motors,
VCR heads, etc.
Various types of motors,
including AC, DC,
servo, etc.
High-speed spindles,
grinder wheels,
gyroscopes, etc.
All-digital signal processing by an onboard CPU delivers highly accurate measurements.
A digital tracking filter delivers extremely high-performance noise filtering.
Complex initial calibration procedures are now greatly simplified.
An LCD that is bright and easy to view is employed.
* In addition to the standard models, custom-made models are available according to customer specifications.
Model :FABM-6002LN
Model :BM-3242LNS
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