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Acquisition of Quality management system ISO 9001 cretification in Head factoty, 2nd factoty, and 3rd factoty, and Nagoya Office, and Osaka Office.
1969 Founded as a sales agent for marketing balancing machines and vibration test equipment.
1974 Began manufacturing and sales of balancers for miniature motors under the company’s own brand and coil winding testers.
1975 Established a manufacturing plant in Chofu City, Tokyo. Opened sales offices in Osaka and Nagoya.
Developed fully automatic armature balancing machine. Rotary full-automatic armature correction balancing system FABM Series
Developed the no-mark/no-sensor type automatic positioning balancer and patented it in Japan and nine other countries. No-mark/no-sensor type automatic positioning balancer system
Developed automatic shaft straightening machine, which was selected for the study subject of the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s subsidy for technology improvement. Automatic shaft straightening machine
1985 Main manufacturing plant moved to the Tama City Industrial District of Tokyo.
1987 Developed crankshaft balancing machine.
1988 Founded wholly-owned subsidiary Kokusai, Inc., in Indianapolis, U.S.A.

Entered the tire industry market with the development of fully automatic dynamic tire balancer.
1991 Established Taiwan sales office.

Developed fully automatic dynamic balancing system to apply weights to tires for balance correction.
1993 Founded joint venture China Shoun Kokusai Co., Ltd., in Shanghai, China, to serve as a production base.
1997 Began development of UB Machine (uniformity & dynamic balance combined tire tester) by combining two tire testers to enable uniformity balance test.
1998 UB Machine development completed.

Established Kyushu Office.

Began development of High Speed UB Machine (HSUB) that can test tires at road speed (up to 120 kph/75 mph).
1999 Founded wholly-owned subsidiary Korea Kokusai Co., Ltd., in Greater Taegu City, Korea, to serve as a production base.
2001 Stock listed as an over-the-counter issue on the JASDAQ Japanese securities exchange market.

Renovated main manufacturing plant.
2002 Founded wholly owned subsidiary High-Precision Kokusai Shanghai Corporation in China.
2003 Developed Tire & Wheel Assembly Integrated Tester based on the technology from the HSUB Machine for automotive manufacturers.
Tire & Wheel Assembly Integrated Tester receives the Mid and Small-sized Companies Prize in the 2003 Top 10 Great New Products Prize by The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd. Tire & Wheel Assembly Integrated Tester
HSUB Machine receives the Ikeda Special Prize of the 2003 Invention of the Year organized by the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions. High Speed UB Machine (HSUB)
Stock listed on JASDAQ.
2006 Established consolidated subsidiary Thai Kokusai Co., Ltd., in Bangkok, Thailand.
2007 Made both Toshinkogyo Co., Ltd., and Toshinkouatsugiken Co., Ltd., subsidiaries.
2010 Stock listed on Osaka Securities Exchange (JASDAQ Standard).
April 2013 (H25) Acquired Quality management ISO 9001 certification.
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